Losys Multimedia Technologies

Providing commercial photography and videography services in the South Florida area. Losys utilizes the most modern commercial-grade aerial and ground photography and videography equipment as well as a new unmanned underwater robotic vehicle to help capture some of the most spectacular imagery for your professional needs by air, land, and sea.

Aerial Photography Services

Professional drone photography and videography by utilizing state of the art commercial grade drone equipment. Drone aerial photography allows you to capture the magnificence of still images and video via small unmanned aircraft system.
• Real Estate Sales
• Yacht Sales
• Luxury Car Sales
• Roof Inspection
• Property Physical Security Assessment
• HVAC Inspection
• Damage/Storm/Fire/Tornado Assessment
• HazMat Location Survey
• Cellular Tower Inspection
• Radio Tower Inspection
• Communication Tower Inspection
• CCTV System Inspection
• Infrastructure Assessment
• Power Plant Sub-Station Inspection
• Bridge Inspection
• Wind Turbine Inspection
• Solar Panel Inspection
• Construction Site Survey
• 3D Site-Mapping (Orthomosaic) & Survey
• Crime Scene/Traffic Accident Mapping
• TV / Production & Corporate Event Videography
• Special Event Aerial Photography & Videography

Professional Photography Services

Professional commercial photography services utilizing leading-edge equipment for all your business photography needs.
• Advertising Photography
• Products and Services Photography
• Architecture & Interior Photography
• Automobile Photography
• Sports Photography
• Landscape Photography
• Corporate / Brand Photography
• Special Event Photography & Videography - LIVE STREAM (Sub-contract only)

Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Photography Services

Latest modern technology in underwater photography. Underwater drone photography captures life beneath the sea supporting science, marine, divers, photography, explorers, search and rescue, and beyond!
• Dock Inspection
• Underwater Habitat and Marine life Survey/Observation
• Diving Course/Training Recording
• Boat Hull/Propeller & Equipment Inspection
• Underwater Construction Inspection
• Shipwreck Inspection
• Underwater Search & Recovery
• Underwater Physical Security Assessment
• Special Event/Diver Photography & Videography

All aerial photography conducted in accordance with all FAA Laws, Rules, and Regulations

Twilight Aerial Photography

Specialized photography that complies with legislation to capture the impressive still images and video between sunset and dusk via unmanned aircraft system.


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